We are a Company with a long tradition

and multi-generational experience. 

We started our business activities as a stonemason’s workshop just after II World War. At present, the company is managed by the third generation of highly qualified master stonemasons. Our business activities include both selling stone slabs (raw and polished ones) as well as satisfying more personalised needs of our Customers.

Appreciating the potential and the versatility of natural stone, we are able to create almost everything out of this beautiful material. Not only the headstones and gravestones of our own design, so numerously located in Kraków’s cemeteries but also a variety of realisations of interior design concepts in apartments and houses.

Our basic principle, which we consequently follow in our day-to-day business activities, is socially responsible business. Customer satisfaction is the core element of our activities.That is why, we do our best to offer our Customers the highest quality and to enable our Customers to enjoy the widest variety of products made of stone quarried in the south of Poland.

From the start, in 1968, we have always valued such qualities as: trust, honesty, empathy, responsibility and the quality of our products.
We fully understand the needs of our Customers and we do know how to perform our duties to make our Customers be fully satisfied with the purchase.

As we do know and understand common dilemmas of our Customers - we are able to provide them with our assistance, showcasing them all the advantages of a product and presenting all its disadvantages. For that reason, a vast majority of our clientele is acquired not through traditional methods of advertising but through „the word-of-mouth" referrals. We are particularly satisfied with the fact that our Customers do not confine themselves to one purchase only but they come back to us, when decorating their houses, apartments and they recommend us to others: their families, friends and acquaintances. Here, you can find a great variety of materials: granite, marble, travertine, onyx, agate, quartz conglomerate, natural quartz or various kinds of sintered materials.


We are a Company with a great potential.

We employ highly qualified and experienced staff and we base our activities on the latest, state-of-the art machinery park.

Appreciating the extraordinary elegance and the glamour of natural stone and its timeless beauty, we broadened our offer adding finishing materials for interiors and exteriors of our houses and apartments. We produce kitchen worktops, window sills or stone fireworks in Kraków. We do our best to offer products which meet the highest quality requirements and fully satisfy our Customers.

Kitchen worktops from Kraków ideally complement any classy living room, a bathroom or a kitchen. Natural stone is the symbol of solidity and aesthetics. The kitchen worktops offered by our Company combine a few most desired features. First of all, an interesting design with the durability and the resistance to external influences. Elements made of stone are easy to maintain and will serve you well for many years ahead. Over the past, we have specialised in the production of such elements as stone fireworks or stone flooring. We offer stone staircases, both the interior and the exterior ones. We also take orders for decorative elements made of stone. We are trying to fulfil every wish of our Customers.

makiety dla niewidomych 1

Our exceptional realisations The maquettes for the blind along the Royal Way in Kraków. Cooperation with a sculptor professor Karol Badyna.

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makiety dla niewidomych 3
makiety dla niewidomych 4

Our realisations

Our stonemason’s workshop has been specialising in the production of such elements as stone fireworks, or stone flooring. We also offer stone staircases, the interior and the exterior ones. We accept offers for decorative elements made of stone. We are trying to satisfy every wish of our Customers.

Apart from skilfully and solidly made standard products, we can pride ourselves on working on strictly personalised commissions such as:

  • Pedestal for the monument of Reytan in Kraków Planty Park;
  • Supplying the material for the pedestal for the monument of Jan Matejko in Kraków;
  • Private Chapel of the Congregations of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, in the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Kraków - Łagiewniki;
  • Pedestal for the John Paul II monument in Piła;
  • Pedestal for the monument of John Paul II in Rakowicki Cemetery in Prandoty strew in Kraków;
  • Gravestone of Marek Grechuta in Rakowicki Xemetery in Kraków;
  • Gravestone of the General Franciszek Adam Studziński in „the Avenue of the Distinguished Citizens” in Rakowicki Cemetery in Kraków;
  • Gravestone of Marek Nawara, the first Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Member of the polish Parliament in „the Avenue of the Distinguished Citizens” in Rakowicki Cemetery in Kraków;
  • The memorial of the fallen soldiers of URL Army in Rakowice cemetery;
  • Supplying granite for the obelisk commemorating the execution, by the Nazis, of the Głaz Family in Korabniki, 1st July 1944;
  • Pedestal for the miniatures in the Old Tow in Kraków, designed by professor Karol Badyna;
  • Supplying the material for the Huta Collegium Maius Courtyard, later renamed Estreicher Alley;
  • Epitaph dedicated to the Servant of God, John Paul II in the Parish Church of Corpus Christi in Siedlce. The Epitaph was designed by a Kraków’s artist Władysław Dudek. The sculpture was made by the Sculpture and Painting Studio of Marian Wasilewski and the stonemasonry works were performed by KRAK STONE GRZESIKOWSCY SJ;
  • Granite pedestals for the sculptures of Polish Kings in the building of „Zespół Dydaktyczno - Biblioteczny I Wejścia Głównego of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków;
  • The Wentz Hotel (the Main Market Square, 4 stars) - marble bathrooms;
  • The Way of the Cross made of marble Bianco Ibiza (the main Basilica of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Kraków);
  • Staircase and window sills in St. Franciscan Monastery i Kęty;
  • The Badura Hotel in Wadowice - stone flooring, a staircase and worktops for the bathroom, all made of marble;
  • Gravestone of the Colonel Zygmunt Edward Szendzielarz, pseudonym „Łupaszko” in Powązki Cemetery in Warszawa.