Out of love for stone

We both sell and produce stone.
In our offer you will find stone staircases, kitchen worktops and other products made of stone.



We offer a great variety of natural stone. Full information about types of stone can be found in the related post on our blog.


We specialise mostly in natural stone. However, white quartzite conglomerate Santa Margherita (Vega) is permanently available. 

If required, we import slabs of quartzite conglomerates of Santa Margherita, Caesar Stone as well as sintered stone of Neolith and Lapitec.


Bulding elements

We produce and adapt all kinds of building stone elements to meet our Customer's individual needs. Stone ideally complements every interior, adding glamour and uniqueness to it. It is a good choice for many years.

Zobacz kamienie do elementów budowlanych

Headstones and tombs

We produce various memorials in different styles. We can either use ready-made designs or our own realisations or make a special design to satisfy our Customers’ preferences.

Zobacz kamienie pomnikowe


new opportunities

Make use of the latest revolutionary technology to create your own kitchen worktop online visualisation or design your own home. Go to the simulator.

  1. 4500m² storage space
  2. 3000m² production hall
  3. 6000m² stone tiles in the warehouse
  4. 5000m² stone memorial slabs in the warehouse
  5. 3000ton processed stone per year
52 lat na rynku
  1. Wykonawstwo i montaż
  2. Obróbka i produkcja
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newsy aktualności

Zapytanie ofertowe

Udzielenie zapytania ofertowego na Centrum Numeryczne CNC - 5 osiowe.

Media about us: The third generation of stonemasons

In the sixty-fourth issue of the specialist magazine „NOWY KAMIENIARZ” dedicated to the stonemasonry industry, on page 20, you will find an article about the phenomenon of family-run stonemasonry companies, including an excerpt about Agnieszka - the current owner and the heir to the Krakstone Company.

We invite you to read this article.

Media about us: The Ideas for Success

Our company appeared in a Polish TV programme called „The Ideas for Success”. How we built our successful brand and what were the beginnings of our business activities.


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