3D simulator - kitchen worktops

Make use of the latest revolutionary technology to create your own kitchen worktop visualisation online and design your own kitchen.


With our assistance you can see for yourself the effects of different stone illumination and you can choose the colour of your kitchen worktops and cabinets without leaving home.  
Below you can see a few sample combinations of various light effects. Since stone is a natural material, the final effect may differ with regard to its colour shade and its grain size distribution. Moreover, images in the photo look slightly different from the original. Our simulators can only give you a general idea of what the stone may look like and they can help you with the colour matching. In order to make the right decision, you should visit our warehouse in person.

The Granite / Multicolor Red
Choose the colour of kitchen cabinets
Day/ Night
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3D simulator - worktops edges

Apart from simple edging (bevelling and edge polishing), we offer a wide variety of edging, thanks to which every kitchen worktop becomes the work of art. See for yourself what type of stone processing suits your taste.

The Granite / Giallo Veneziano
Choose The Granite