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  • Zapytanie ofertowe

    Udzielenie zapytania ofertowego na Centrum Numeryczne CNC - 5 osiowe.

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  • Media about us: The third generation of stonemasons

    In the sixty-fourth issue of the specialist magazine „NOWY KAMIENIARZ” dedicated to the stonemasonry industry, on page 20, you will find an article about the phenomenon of family-run stonemasonry companies, including an excerpt about Agnieszka - the current owner and the heir to the Krakstone Company.

    We invite you to read this article.

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  • Media about us: The Ideas for Success

    Our company appeared in a Polish TV programme called „The Ideas for Success”. How we built our successful brand and what were the beginnings of our business activities.


    Watch us on Youtube.

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  • Types of stone

    Following you will find a detailed description of the stone offered by our Company: granite, marble, quartz conglomerate, natural quartzite, lapitec, onyx, travertine and sintered quartz.

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